{ Invictify }

Send Webhooks to your URLs
on your schedule.

Invictify is an automated workflow trigger.

Many apps run workflows and automations based on reactions to other events (user sign ups, new sale, link clicked, etc). Invictify enables you to trigger workflows and automations on your schedule.

Some examples...

Trigger a web scraping workflow every 30 minutes.

Trigger a home automation task every day at 1am.

Trigger a database backup every day at 3:45am UTC.

Trigger image thumbnail creation every 2 hours.

Trigger web page health lookup every 20 seconds.

You need just 2 things:

- Webhook Handler URL

- Schedule for Triggering

Offload tasks from request/response cycle.

Users expect your apps and web apps to run quickly.

With Invictify, you can defer resource intense tasks.

Devs, we run redis and celery.

And we still think believe you can benefit.

- Empower non-dev users to trigger workflows.

- 1 place to manage all scheduled tasks across all projects.

- Remove redundant beat/worker processes.

- Save money & infrustructure overhead.